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Labor workers and senior citizens


Public Comments from Proposed Regulations

circle with arrowAPALC,MALDEF,NALEO Comments 09.14.09
circle with arrowCal Labor Federation Regs Comments 9-14-09
circle with arrowCalifornia Forward Working Group 09.14.09
circle with arrowCalifornia Forward Working Group II 9.14.09

circle with arrowCalifornia League of Conservation Voters regs comments
circle with arrowCalifornia Voter Foundation.Kim Alexander.9.14.09
circle with arrowDarrell Steinberg and Karen Bass 9.14.09
circle with arrowDavid Datz Reg 09.14.09
circle with arrowDemocratic Party – San Fernando Valley
circle with arrowDoug Rischbieter 8.26.09

circle with arrowG. M. (Mike) Bisbee 9.07.09
circle with arrowGreg Carr 9.14.09
circle with arrowJames Vanderveen 9.14.09
circle with arrowJames Wright 9.14.09
circle with arrowJames Wright Regulation Critique 08.10.09
circle with arrowJoan Hancock 9.14.09

circle with arrowJohn Kraft 8.31.09
circle with arrowLA County Federation of Labor AFL-CIO Regs 09.14.09
circle with arrowLGBT Community Comments Regs.9.14.09
circle with arrowLos Angeles County Democratic Party 8.18
circle with arrowPeter Van Meter 9.14.09
circle with arrowRobert and Carol Abeling 8.24.09

circle with arrowSamuel A. Paredes Gun Owners of California 9.14.09
circle with arrowTri-Caucus Letter 09.14.09
circle with arrowWillard L. Felsen 9.04.09
circle with arrowWilliam C. Valasquez Institute 09.14.09

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