February 16th, 2021 Meeting Handouts

Instructions for Public Comment


CRC Statement on Census Delays

5 Budget Projections V2 February 16, 2021

5 Org. Chart 21221 V3

5 FINAL -JLBC to DOF – CA CRC Budget Augmentation – February 9, 2021

6 Events Calendar February 12, 2021

9C Gantt Rev February 12, 2021

9D Line Drawer Subcommittee Item for CRC meetings February 2021

9G Draft Translation Flowchart February 16, 2021

11 CA Map

11 Redistricting Panel SCOE

11 Frank Pisi Bio

11 Bio C Kocivar

11 Bio Raquel Maden

13 Draft Evacuation Plan

13 Draft Chat Policy

13 Draft External Communications Approval Protocol

A New Delay for Census Numbers Could Scramble Congressional Elections_New York Times Feb 11, 2021

Legal Affairs Committee

Litigation and VRA Counsel Interviews

Voting Rights Act Counsel Interview Qs

Litigation Counsel Interview Qs

Solicitations for Litigation Counsel and VRA Counsel

RFI for Litigation Counsel

Response to RFI Questions Litigation Counsel January 13,2021

Litigation Counsel Submissions

Gibson Dunn Litigation Counsel

RPLG Litigation Counsel

S&W Levitt Litigation Counsel

RFI for VRA Counsel

Public Comments