Applicant: Michael Ward, Public Comment 1723

Submission Information

  • Submitter Name: Jess Durfee
  • How Submitter Knows Applicant: Through publicly accessible information.
  • Submitted on: 06/28/2010


Michael Ward has strong partisan ties. Even though he claimed in his essays to ‘have absolutely no political ties’ he has been associated with the Chapman University College Republicans for the last three years. One letter of recommendation is from the current President of the Chapman University College Republicans and the letter details Mr. Ward’s active involvement with that group and its politics. The letter states that Mr. Ward has been a ‘guest speaker’ to the Republican group ‘on multiple occasions discussing the ‘importance of an informed electorate’, the ‘challenge to live a principled life’ and panelist [sic] discussing the ‘effect of healthcare reform on the medical practitioner.”

Applicant’s Response

Thank you Mr. Durfee for bringing to light any ambiguity you might have regarding my application. Hopefully I can further clarify my background for you. As listed clearly on my application, I am a registered Republican. I have however, at no time had an interest in running for elected office, known or been associated with anyone who has run for elected office nor have I been affiliated with any political groups or organizations other than those listed. I have no political ties and am not an activist for any political group. It was my pleasure upon being asked to speak at the Chapman College Republican Club to support that group as a guest lecturer, as fully disclosed. I also assisted in planning an outreach project to the Chapman College Democrat Club in the form of a semesterly flag football/social which continues today. I strongly believe in an informed electorate and am thrilled to support ANY youth organization that desires to think through the challenges of today with an open information exchange. Thank you for your comments.

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