Applicant: Vincent P Barabba, Public Comment 1888

Submission Information

  • Submitter Name: Larry deGhetaldi MD
  • How Submitter Knows Applicant: His has been a patient advisor and board member of the large nono-profit health care system that I run in Santa Cruz County
  • Submitted on: 08/02/2010


I strongly support Mr. Barabba’s candidacy for this position.

Vince serves on my hospital and medical foundation’s community board in Santa Cruz. He has distinguished himself as a member of our patient advisory panel where he has helped our large multi-specialty physician group address a myriad of issues on the cusp of implementation of national health care reform policies in Santa Cruz County. He has worked in small groups, with individual physicians and with complex and heterogeneous groups of people to steer this large organization into a health care environment which is rapidly evolving and increasingly complex.

He inspires trust in many different types of individuals. He is well accepted by a individuals with a wide range of backgrounds: ethnic, political, economic and educational. He is a calming influence during a time of tremendous uncertainty and change.

He has a unique ability to find the middle ground, or to balance the voices and the needs of the minority within a large organization.

I would expect him to serve on this Commission respecting diverse partisan opinions well. His agenda is always transparent; his approach is humble; and his personal background is among the richest and most diverse of any individual that I know within this community.

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