Applicant: M. Andre Parvenu, Public Comment 1943

Submission Information

  • Submitter Name: Dr. Imani Brown
  • How Submitter Knows Applicant: We worked together for many years at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.
  • Submitted on: 09/15/2010


Citizens Redistricting Commission

I have known Andre Parvenu for over fifteen years. We collaborated on numerous transportation planning outreach projects during my tenure with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. I have always found Andre to be exceptionally professional during any interface with internal and external stakeholders. He has always demonstrated integrity and competence with any project within which he is involved. He prides himself on being transparent with his staff and colleagues. He is a avid reader, and welcomes new and challenging information; which he will share in order to deliver the highest quality product.

I think the Commission would be well served by Mr. Parvenu. He has developed quantitative and qualitative skills in the areas of geography,zoning and demography. Having said skills in conjunction with public affairs, urban planning and outreach is unique. He has a genuine interest to be of service and contribute to the good of the community at large. He is extremely methodical and disciplined in his approach to challenges. I recommend him without hesitation for this position.

Dr. Imani Brown
Los Angeles, California

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