Applicant: Lilbert “Gil” R Ontai, Public Comment 1977

Submission Information

  • Submitter Name: Donna Nickel
  • How Submitter Knows Applicant: Mr Ontai has been my instructor at Springfield College for numerous courses and an advisor and mentor in my attempt to begin a non-profit program to aid students in their learning process.
  • Submitted on: 12/06/2010


My name is Donna Nickel, I am a former student of Mr. Ontai and would like to encourage any decision in favor of his election to this seat. Mr Ontai has demonstrated to myself to fair and impartial when it involves any person(s) view as long as it does not harm themselves or anyone involved. Mr Ontai has taught me great diligence and diplomacy while attending Springfield college and because of his teaching I consider myself to be among some of the wonder agents of change for the betterment of our community. Mr Ontai has encouraged me when I was ready to give up, by helping me find solutions as part of my learning process. I believe Mr Ontai represents his community, as well as, respects all ethnic cultures in the development in their communities. I believe Mr Ontai can be a voice for the people without jeapordizing his committment to integrity and fairness. I firmly, agree with all hi statements in his aplication and the extend application. I again ask for your consideration in placing Mr Ontai in this position. I appreciate you time and thank you in advance for the work ahead and allowing me to be a voice for the people in San Diego.


Donna Nickel

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