Applicant: M. Andre Parvenu, Public Comment 1980

Submission Information

  • Submitter Name: Gloria T. Allen
  • How Submitter Knows Applicant: I have known M. Andre Parvenu for over forty years.
  • Submitted on: 12/07/2010


My comments are in support of applicant, M. Andre Parvenu.

I am a retired educator (32 years service) Lunenburg County Public School System. Andre helped to integrate the aforementioned school system in 1965, as the first black first grade student.

He has a strong civil rights tradition. I have known him NOT to belitte any race and try to persuade others to take the same just stand. He takes an active interest in the welfare of his community, state, country, and uses his influence toward the enactment of laws in the best interest of people, and for the repeal of laws depriving people of their privileges and rights.

The applicant has traveled well in and out of the country. I know of trips that he has taken to Africa and Belize.

He has an advanced degree in geography, is highly skilled, and have the technical and analytical abilities to get the job well done. This leads me to believe that M. Andre Parvenu would be a great addition to the California State

Redistricting Commission. Pleas give him your full consideration to serve as a commission member.

Thank you,

Gloria T. Allen

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