Applicant: M. Andre Parvenu, Public Comment 1981

Submission Information

  • Submitter Name: Kokayi Kwa Jitahidi
  • How Submitter Knows Applicant: We have worked together on community projects together for over 6 years. We are also members of the same spiritual center.
  • Submitted on: 12/07/2010


December 7, 2010

Dear California Redistricting Commission,

It is my great pleasure to recommend Andre Parvenu as a Commissioner for the state’s Redistricting Commission. Mr. Parvenu and I have collaborated numerous times over the past 6 years on projects benefiting the community and I have been continuously impressed by his intelligence, dedication and capacity to think independently. Furthermore, he has proven countless times to be someone with compassion and a great ability to work well with groups of people that have divergent views.

In addition to the aforementioned attributes, I am confident that Mr. Parvenu would make a great commissioner because of his strong grasp of the demographic and physical layout of California. As someone with a strong background in planning and geography, he brings a unique set of skills that would prove invaluable to California as we embark on this historic effort in direct democracy. He has the technical background to provide the rest of the commission with sound, fair and independent analysis.

Thank you for the opportunity to recommend such a worthy candidate.


Kokayi Kwa Jitahidi

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