Outreach Partners

Thank you to the various non-profit organizations that worked with the Bureau of State Audits during the application period to encourage applicants to submit a supplemental application and to make sure that applicants had enough information about the application process to be able to complete the application to the best of their abilities. These “outreach partners” held workshops, conducting webinars, and engaging in other efforts throughout the state to help applicants stay engaged in the application process. The bureau provided announcements about some of the workshops when asked to do so by the organizations involved. Many of the organizations received private grants from the James Irvine Foundation to help finance their outreach efforts.

Included on this page is a list of those “outreach partners” with links to their websites. As part of compiling the list, we asked organizations of all types and all political persuasions throughout the state that have expressed an interest in the application process, including political parties, chambers of commerce, professional and labor organizations, political clubs, and service groups, whether they were actively involved in providing information to applicants about the application process and wanted to be listed on our website as organizations providing information about the application process. These are the organizations that told us they wanted to be listed as “outreach partners”. These organizations run the gamut of the political spectrum. While we cannot and do not endorse any of these organizations, we posted information about them here so that applicants knew these organizations were available to them to as a resource.

Asian Pacific American Legal Center, a member of the Coalition of Asian Pacific
Americans for Fair Redistricting (CAPAFR)

Contact APALC at redistricting@apalc.org or visit CAPAFR
at facebook.com/capafr2011.

Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy (CAUSE)

Contact Maricela Morales at maricela@coastalalliance.com or 805-658-0810 ext. 203

The Greenlining Institute


National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) Educational Fund

Visit LatinosDrawTheLines.org/events or contact Astrid Garcia at agarcia@naleo.org or 213-747-7606 ext. 4434.

League of Women Voters

Contact Chris Carson at redistricting@lwvc.org.

California Forward

Applicants can email redistricting@caforward.org with any questions about the supplemental application process.

Rose Institute of State and Local Government at Claremont McKenna College

Contact the Rose Institute by phone at 909-621-1859, by email at roseinstitute@cmc.edu, or on the web at rosereport.org

Below is a list of other organizations that are providing or have provided outreach or supported our outreach effort:

Thank you to some of our “outreach partners” for providing outreach and for supporting our outreach effort to recruit a diverse pool of applicants for the Citizens Redistricting Commission. To help you with your own outreach efforts, the following materials are available for your use:

Link to tool kit items