Thank you for supporting our outreach effort to recruit a diverse pool of applicants for the Citizens Redistricting Commission. To help you with your own outreach efforts, the following materials are available for your use:

circle with arrowNewsletter Articles (English) (Spanish)

circle with arrowFlyer/Email Brochure
circle with arrowTri-Fold Brochure (Front) (Back)
circle with arrowCommission Selection Process (English) (Spanish)

circle with arrowRedistricting Commissions – A Growing Trend (English) (Spanish) (Chinese) (Japanese) (Korean) (Tagalog) (Vietnamese)

circle with arrowWho Can Serve on the Commission (English) (Spanish) (Chinese) (Japanese) (Korean) (Tagalog) (Vietnamese)

circle with arrowFact Sheet on Redistricting and the Commission (English) (Spanish) (Chinese) (Japanese) (Korean) (Tagalog) (Vietnamese)

circle with arrowBackground of the Redistricting Commission (English) (Spanish) (Chinese) (Japanese) (Korean) (Tagalog) (Vietnamese)

circle with arrowTop Ten Questions (English) (Spanish) (Chinese) (Japanese) (Korean) (Tagalog) (Vietnamese)

circle with arrowPrint Ad (Full Page) (Half Page) (Quarter Page)
circle with arrowPresentation with Talking Points (English) (Spanish) (Chinese) (Japanese) (Korean) (Tagalog) (Vietnamese)

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If you have any questions about these materials or need additional information, please contact Margarita Fernandez at 916-445-0255.