Redistricting Public Input Data Dashboard






Introduction and Background

To create the Final Approved Maps, the 2020 California Citizens Redistricting Commission solicited and received public input from communities across California. This input was both general comments and redistricting comments coming from diverse sources – including live meeting testimony, emails, letters, phone calls, maps and supporting documentation.

Input forms and mapping tools External link opens to a new window or tab were made available to the public and used extensively. All public input was processed and appended to a data table on the CRC’s website that was used by the Commission in the line drawing of the Final Maps. In early 2023 the dashboard below was created to preserve the data and present it in a more useful and updateable format that can serve as a model of the public input data requirements for the 2030 Commission. This dashboard has now replaced the original data table.

Below, the Public Input Data Dashboard presents records, tables, charts, graphs, and maps of all of the comments submitted to the Commission prior to the issuance of the Final Maps. (Please note that the Summary Analytics, characterizations of interests, visualizations and other data representations seen in the dashboard were not available to the 2020 Commission during the line drawing of the Final Maps. The Commission only had the data in its complete, unsorted form.)