CRC Chair – Angelo Ancheta / CRC Vice Chair – Gil Ontai

CRC – June 30 2020 Press Release

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The following document was electronically served by the CA Supreme Court for case S262530 to Marian Johnston.

support for writ – S262530

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On June 22, 2020, the Commission sent letters to the California State Auditor regarding the authority of the incoming commission and the eligibility of sitting commissioners to reapply for the CRC.

The CRC disagrees with the position taken last year by the State Auditor that commissioners are ineligible, as a matter of law, from serving on consecutive commissions.  The CRC’s position, which it adopted on September 20, 2019, is that if a commissioner is otherwise eligible, there should be no restriction on applying for the next commission just because one is a sitting commissioner.

The current CRC is opposed to the State Auditor’s recent release of RFP 21-01, a request for proposal for the 2020 Commission’s line-drawing consultant.  The letter calls for the RFP to be withdrawn because the State Auditor’s action is premature and is unauthorized under the Voters FIRST Act; only the CRC itself is authorized to set hiring criteria and to issue the RFP. 

CRC Letter to State Auditor Re RFP 21-01

CRC Letter to State Auditor Re Commissioner Eligibility

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The Citizens Redistricting Commission has filed a response in support of the California Legislature’s emergency petition to the California Supreme Court in Legislature v. Padilla, No. S262530.  Because of anticipated delays in the delivery of 2020 Census data to the State of California, the Legislature has requested that the Court extend the deadlines for the 2020 Commission to complete its work. The Legislature is charged with delivering redistricting data based on the 2020 Census to the Commission and is requesting, among other things, that the Court extend the August 15, 2021 deadline to complete final maps to December 15, 2021.  As the response and supporting declarations make clear, the additional time will be necessary for the next Commission to conduct hearings, obtain sufficient public input, and prepare draft and final maps.

Ancheta Declaration

Ontai Declaration

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California’s Citizens Redistricting Commission Awarded Top 2017 Harvard Public Engagement in Government Award – July 6, 2017

The Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, a leading research center at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, announced the California Citizens Redistricting Commission as the winner of the 2017 Roy and Lila Ash Innovation Award for Public Engagement in Government. The $100,000 grand prize to support the replication and dissemination of California’s system of independent redistricting was presented at a ceremony in Washington, DC, on July 21, 2017. Learn more about our work in other states.


CRC Receives 2017 Roy and Lila Ash Award for Public Engagement in Government

At the award ceremony, Commissioners were joined by former CRC Director Christina Shupe, League of Women Voters of California Executive Director Helen Hutchison, and Charlie Munger, Jr., major sponsor of the Voters First Act.

CRC Handbook

The final draft of the CRC Handbook was approved with minor edits and can be viewed here:


AMICUS BRIEF Gill v. Whitford

On September 5, 2017, the California Redistricting Commission (CRC) filed an amicus curiae brief in the United States Supreme Court in the case of Gill v. Whitford. The CRC had a strong interest in this case because it addressed the fundamental proposition that redistricting can be done in a transparent and non-partisan manner, provided that criteria such as those applied in California by the CRC are followed.

Amicus Brief

SCOTUS DECISION – Evenwel v. Abbott – 4/4/2016

The Supreme Court Of The United States (SCOTUS) affirmed a state or locality may draw its legislative districts based on total population. You can read the full opinion on the SCOTUS website at the link below.

The SCOTUS opinion issued April 4th, 2016, and transcript can be viewed here:

CRC filed an amicus brief in the case. A ruling against the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission would have negatively impacted California’s Prop 20, the measure passed by voters in 2010 that mandated California’s Congressional Districts be drawn by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission in a non-partisan, open, and transparent process.

The CRC amicus brief can be viewed here:

The SCOTUS docket file can be viewed here:

An assessment of the case’s potential impact by the Brennan Center for Justice can be viewed here:


The California Citizens Redistricting Commission has adopted final district maps for Congressional, State Assembly, State Senate and Board of Equalization districts.

image of globe and magnifying glassCLICK HERE to view the final certified maps at the Statewide Database site



Letter to CA Dept. of Justice, Re: Final Section 5 Preclearance Submission
Notice of Final Section 5 Preclearance Submission


Letter to CA Dept. of Justice, Re: Proposed Congressional Referendum
Letter to CA Dept. of Justice, Re: Response to Title & Summary
Response from CA Dept. of Justice, Re: Title & Summary
Letter to Charles H. Bell, Jr., Esq., Re: Title & Summary
Letter to Secretary of State, Re: Title & Summary
Letter to CA Dept. of Justice, Re: Title & Summary


The Supreme Court of California requires electronic submission of petition and related documents challenging electoral maps certified by the Citizens Redistricting commission within 45 days of certification.

Supreme Court letter to the Citizens Redistricting Commission
Supreme Court News Release (Updated 8-16-2011)
Supreme Court Administrative Order (Updated 8-16-2011)


If you cannot find the data you are searching for, please call us directly at (916)709-6303.

– Citizens Redistricting Commission

In Memoriam
Remembering Trudy Schafer

The Commissioners and staff of the California Citizens Redistricting Commission were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Trudy Schafer, Senior Director for Program of the California League of Women Voters (LWV).

Trudy was a steadfast supporter of independent redistricting and a key member of the LWV team that contributed to the passage of Prop 11 in 2008, creating California’s first independent redistricting commission. She was a fixture at Commission meetings up until her retirement last year, lending a supportive voice while fiercely advocating for fair representation.

Along with California LWV President Helen Hutchison, Trudy provided testimony in support of the Commission during its successful application for the 2017 Roy and Lila Ash Innovation Award for Public Engagement in Government. Her gracious willingness to share her knowledge and experience with the Commission was deeply appreciated. Trudy’s vision and unwavering commitment to the LWV impressed and inspired us and her presence will be greatly missed.

For more information on Trudy Schafer’s work, visit the League of Women Voters California website.

Commission Business Meeting – Friday, June 5, 2020

(10:00 A.M. – 2:00 P.M. or conclusion of business)


The meeting will be via conference call. 


Members of the public who wish to listen to the meeting may do so by dialing in to 617-944-8980.


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