CRC in Other States

2020 Citizens Redistricting Commission

The first eight commissioners were randomly selected on July 2, 2020. Those commissioners will be selecting the final six members of the 2020 Commission by no later than August 15, 2020. For more information about that process or to sign-up to receive notifications, visit When the 2020 Commission is fully formed, they will receive required training, hire their staff, select their vendors, establish their protocols for conducting their business and carrying out their responsibilities. This website will be updated as soon as the 2020 Commission is able to.

The 2010 Commission

As members of the inaugural California Citizens Redistricting Commission, they were invited to share their experiences at conferences and town halls with a wide variety of audiences seeking to implement independent redistricting and eliminate partisan gerrymandering in their states. These include good government groups and community-based organizations, fair-minded legislators, business and civic leaders, academics, engaged citizens, and the media.

Innovations in American Government AwardsAll Commissioners who participate in travel to other states volunteer their time. The 2010 Commissioners were recipients of an Innovations in American Government Award from the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, which supported travel for the 2010 Commissioner Speaker Corps at no expense to California taxpayers. Host organizations also provided funding and local transportation. 


Gov. Schwarzenegger at Ash award ceremony

Past Travel for 2010 CRC

Reflecting its own structure, the 2010 Commission endeavors to send a multi-partisan team to each state whenever possible, subject to Commissioner availability, unless the local organizer(s) request(s) a single speaker.

DatesEvent(s)State or NationalLocationsLocal HostsCommissioner TeamMedia
5/14/20Online town hallMIVirtualCitizenDetroit & MI Secretary of StateDai, ParvenuEngageD: Michigan's Independent Redistricting Commission Q&A
5/14/20Online town hallORVirtualPeople Not Politicians; ThirstersAguirre,Malloy, Ontai, RayaRedistricting in California and Oregon
2/10/20-2/12/20Town halls; meetings w/Chambers of Commerce, philanthropic and community organizations, and Secretary of StateMILansing, Grand Rapids, DetroitVoters Not PoliticiansDai, Forbes, Ontai, ParvenuWhat Michigan Can Learn From California’s Independent Redistricting Commission Model
MI Looks To California's Citizen Redistricting Experience
8 lessons for Michigan from California's redistricting commission
Can a map help Michiganders find common ground?
2/7/20-2/8/20Meetings w/legislators and Fair Maps Colorado advocatesCODenverColorado Common CauseAguirre, Yao
12/12/19NCSL Capitol Forum Post-Conference on Critical Redistricting DecisionsNationalPhoenixNational Conference of State LegislaturesDai
11/18/19Policy forum; meetings with philanthropistsMIAnn ArborU. of MI Center for Local, State, and Urban Policy and the Ford School of Public Policy MalloyWhat Are “Communities of Interest” and How Will They Affect Redistricting in Michigan?
11/17/19Virginia Redistricting ForumVAFairfaxLeague of Women Voters of Northern Virgina; OneVirginia2021ParvenuLWV Redistricting Forum
11/16/19Reclaiming Our Democracy: The Pennsylvania Conference to End GerrymanderingPAHarrisburgFair Districts PAOntai, Parvenu, RayaReclaiming Our Democracy: The Pennsylvania Conference to End Gerrymandering
Gerrymandering: the larger story.
Getting it right: Weighing the options for reform
YES citizens can draw the map
11/13/19-11/14/19Town halls; meetings with legislators, business and civic leadersNJTrenton, Newark, Madison, Princeton, Burlington CountyFair Districts NJ; League of Women Voters NJOntai, Parvenu, RayaReform Advocates Push for Fairer Redrawing of NJ Legislative Districts
U. professor holds town hall on gerrymandering with California's Citizen Redistricting Commission
Fair Districts NJ Facebook Live
Fair Districts New Jersey Coalition: Open Letter to State Party Chairs re: Redistricting
11/13/19-11/14/19Town halls; meetings with legislatorsUTSalt Lake CityBetter BoundariesForbes, Yao"Envision the Commission: Understanding Redistricting" at U. of UT Hinckley Institute of Politics
The latest on Proposition 4
9/16/19-9/18/19Town halls; State House Government Committee hearingPAKing of Prussia, Philadelphia, HarrisburgFair Districts PA; Common Cause PADai, Forbes, YaoPA House State Government Committee testimony
Third Time's a Charm
In first hearing in 3 years, activists agree Pa. redistricting needs a fix. They disagree on how to get there
Redistricting Reform Key To Regaining Trust, Lawmakers Told, But Some Question Need For Sweeping Changes
Five tips for redistricting in Pennsylvania from the most ungovernable state in the nation
7/11/19Netroots Nation Conference Panel: The End of Gerrymandering and Fighting Gerrymanders in CourtNationalPhiladelphiaNetroots NationBlancoSunday Civics episode on Redistricting
5/10/19Town hallVANorfolkOneVirginia2021Dai, Forbes, Yao
5/7/19-5/8/19Gubernatorial, Legislative and business leader briefings, People's Lobby Day, town hallsNCRaleigh, Greensboro, CharlotteCommon Cause NCDai, Forbes, YaoCan NC tackle gerrymandering? A quiet revolution is trying to foment polite political dissent over the status quo.
California Redistricting Model Could Work In NC, Mapmakers Say
‘Reform is the answer:’ Voters gather at legislature to lobby for an end to gerrymandering
Redistricting bills stagnant as Supreme Court mulls political gerrymanders
4/2/19-4/3/19Meetings with legislators, advocates and fundersILChicagoCommon Cause IL, CHANGE ILOntai, RayaTake it from California — we can do more to make every vote count in Illinois
Lawmakers aren’t the only ones who can draw districts, California shows
Editorial: Take back Illinois elections; demand fair maps
Our View: Time to move Fair Maps proposals forward
EDITORIAL: The fight in Illinois begins again to protect your vote
3/29/19-3/31/19Unrig the System Summit 2019NationalNashville, TNUnrig the SystemAguirre, Dai, DiGuilio, Filkins Webber, Forbes, Raya
3/4/19-3/5/19Implementation briefings for Secretary of State and Legislators; meetings w/academics and voting rights advocatesMILansing, DetroitVoters Not PoliticiansDai, OntaiSupreme Court again considers partisan gerrymandering, but voters are not waiting
Michigan's redistricting commission looks to California for guidance before process begins
2/28/19Senate Committee hearing, meeting w/Gov. Hogan, town hallMDBaltimoreCommon Cause MDForbes, Raya, Yao
1/25/19-1/26/19Reason, Reform & Redistricting ConferenceNationalDuke University (Durham, NC)Common Cause, Duke University's Center for Political Leadership, Innovation, and Service (POLIS)Barabba (by video)Shaping the 2020 Census
1/10/19Fair Maps IncubatorNationalUSC (Los Angeles)USC Schwarzenegger InstituteRayaThe Challenges of Implementing the Voters' Vision: Creating Citizens Redistricting Commissions & Standards for Reducing Gerrymandering
10/6/18Conference on RedistrictingNationalUniversity of Arizona (Tucson, AZ)University of ArizonaDiGuilioThe National Outlook for 2020 Redistricting - Arizona and Beyond
9/27/18-9/29/18Legislative panel, Tribune Fest, town halls, meetings with business leaders, advocatesTXDallas, Irving, Houston, Austin, Fort Worth, San AntonioFair Maps Texas, Common Cause TXAguirre, Filkins Webber, MalloyWhat Texas Can Learn From California About Gerrymandering, How To Draw District Lines
Election interest rises; gerrymandering hurts it
9/4/18-9/6/18Town halls and meetings with legislatorsNCRaleigh, Durham, Fayetteville, AshevilleCommon Cause NC, Blueprint NC, Friends of the Earth, League of Women Voters NC, Democracy NCDai, Malloy, OntaiCalifornia offers NC a model for elections without gerrymandering
Tim White: Will we ever see life after gerrymandering?
7/31/18NCSL Legislative Summit: Should Commissions or Legislatures Draw the Lines? A Mock TrialNational Los AngelesNational Conference of State LegislaturesFilkins Webber
7/26/18-7/27/18Unrig the Districts reform advocate trainingNationalChicagoRepresentUsOntai, Raya
6/21/18-6/24/18Town hallsGAAtlanta, Savannah, Macon, AthensCommon Cause GA, Georgia Redistricting AllianceAguirre, Filkins Webber, ForbesCommon Cause Georgia’s gerrymandering tour comes to Athens
Californians bring anti-gerrymandering message to Georgia
Viewpoints: Georgia must address the gerrymandering issue
Georgia Gerrymandering Tour
5/21/18-5/24/18Democracy Works Summit 2018, town halls, meetings with legislators, advocatesPAPhiladelphia, Harrisburg, Altoona, PittsburghCommon Cause PA, Fair Districts PADai, Forbes, YaoLawmakers push new plan to draw congressional & legislative Districts
PA lawmakers may vote to create redistricting committee to redraw map without bias
Pennsylvania lawmakers, including one from Berks, learn about redistricting reform
California’s citizen-led redistricting process offers lessons for Pennsylvania
4/24/18Legislative testimonyPAHarrisburgPA State Senate Government CommitteeBarabba (by video)Public Hearing on Redistricting Legislation
3/26/18-3/28/18Legislative hearing/roundtables. town halls, meetings with advocatesPAHarrisburg, State College, Blue Bell, PhiladelphiaFair Districts PAForbes, Raya, YaoRedistricting Town Halls with California Commissioners
Redistricting Town Hall with California Commissioners
3/16/18-3/18/18Geometry of Redistricting WorkshopRegionalSan FranciscoTufts University Metric Geometry and Gerrymandering GroupAncheta, Barabba, Dai, DiGuilio
2/25/18-2/26/18Town halls, meetings with advocates and legislatorsVAFairfax, Richmond, DullesOneVirginia2021, League of Women Voters VAAguirre, Forbes, OntaiEditorial: Small-fry redistricting reform is not good enough
2/2/18-2/4/18Unrig the System Summit 2018NationalNew OrleansUnrig the SystemDai, DiGuilio, Filkins WebberCalifornia Solved Partisan Gerrymandering
1/23/18-1/26/18Town halls, meetings wth advocates and legislative staffersMILansing, Grand Rapids, Detroit, TroyVoters Not PoliticiansMalloy, Raya, YaoRepublican member of California’s redistricting commission says it’s a “clear success”
Grand Rapids Redistricting Reform Town Hall