Applicant: Gabino T. Aguirre, Public Comment 1685

Submission Information

  • Submitter Name: The Rev. Ronald G. Dybvig
  • How Submitter Knows Applicant: I am a Clergyperson in the community where Dr. Aguirre serves on the City Council and have interacted with Dr. Aguirre in a number of public forums.
  • Submitted on: 06/23/2010


I highly recommend Dr. Gabino Aguirre for appointment to the Redistricting

Commission. I am a Clergyperson serving a church in Santa Paula. I have observed Dr. Aguirre’s work on the Santa Paula City Council, but also together with other community persons in a group to Prevent Homelessness. I have been impressed by Dr. Aguirre’s ability to understand all sides of an issue and his respect for persons representing differing viewpoints. Dr. Aguirre is able to express issues with fairness to everyone at the table. He helps everyone to feel that they have had a fair hearing.

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