Applicant: Gabino T. Aguirre, Public Comment 1727

Submission Information

  • Submitter Name: Rev. Audrey W. Vincent
  • How Submitter Knows Applicant: Dr. Aguirre and I serve on the Task Force to End Homelessness in Santa Paula. I have witnessed his work on the Santa Paula City Council. He contributed to an event I organized that commemorated the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Submitted on: 06/29/2010


Dr. Gabino Aguirre brings to the table exceptional qualities which include his capacity to bring people of diverse points of view into the conversation. I have witnessed his impartiality in a community summit meeting where major stakeholders holding strong opinions and keen interest were tackling a controversial issue. Dr. Aguirre made space for all to be heard regardless of social standing, political views, ethnicity or other categories of identification. He is a justice-seeker who teaches as he leads. His analyses of problems include consideration of differing perspectives which inform his global approach while at the same time he seeks to resolve specific problems. He is highly qualified for the Citizens’ Redistricting Commission.

Rev. Audrey Vincent

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