Applicant: Vincent P Barabba, Public Comment 1885

Submission Information

  • Submitter Name: Richard Smallwood
  • How Submitter Knows Applicant: Have worked with him for over 30 years during his time at Xerox, Kodak, GM, and Market Insight Corporation. He and I are co-founders of Market Insight Corporation.
  • Submitted on: 07/26/2010


I have worked with Vince professionally for 30+ years while he was at Xerox, then Kodak, then GM, and finally at Market Insight Corporation. Based on that experience I believe that, as a member of the Redistricting Commission, he would make very significant and insightful contributions to its work.

Vince has a very rare talent for looking at the big picture of a project, understanding its place within the working environment, and then developing innovative practical concepts for achieving the objectives. For example, during his tenure at GM he developed the concept of an analytical tool for forecasting the entire U.S. market for new vehicles. He assembled the right people and resources to build the innovative system and then shepherded it through the GM bureaucracy. Today the system is used throughout the corporation and is a major contributor to GM’s turnaround.

Vince is also an outstanding people person who interacts very positively with his superiors, his peers, and his team. I recommend him unconditionally.

Richard Smallwood

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